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Survival and Emergency - May 10, 2021

Evatac Taclite Review – Amazing Survival Light!!

Evatac Taclite is a well-known brand of tactical flashlight. Its flashlights are not only designed to be used in war or emergency situations, but also for regular home use.

Product Name: Evatac Taclite

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Evatac Taclite

Evatac Taclite Review

We aren’t going to tell anyone that this tactical flashlight is the best in the world, keeping with our policy for honesty and transparency. The EVATACQ5 TACLITE is an excellent choice for money, even though it comes with a very small delivery fee. We can be truthful and say that you won’t ever see a Navy SEAL carry the EVATAC TACLITE into combat. The Q5 TACLITE is a useful tactical flashlight that would be used by the majority of us mortals.

Ape Survival uses this tactical flashlight offer, like all the other free offers, to lead their loss-leaders. They offer a free product in exchange for you looking at their other survival gear.

Loss-leaders are not a joke. Your local grocery store will promote loss-leaders all the time in an effort to get you to purchase more groceries.

Evatac Taclite comes with no cost. To claim your tactical flashlight, however, you will have to pay a delivery fee. This tactical flashlight deal is great even with the delivery fee.

What Is Evatac Taclite?

Evatac Taclite is a well known brand of tactical flashlight. Its flashlights are not only designed to be used in war or emergency situations, but also for regular home use. A common problem among flashlight users is that when their batteries run out, they do not have any way of changing to a new battery. In addition, flashlights usually do not have rechargeable NiCad batteries, so once the batteries have run out, they must be replaced. Read on to learn some helpful survival tips and tactics for when your flashlight suddenly goes out.

First, as any emergency worker knows, the best tactical flashlights are not the cheapest. Evatac Taclite makes a lot of money off of its products, so they want to make sure you get the best one possible. This is why they offer two different models of flashlights: One is designed for regular home use, the other for professional and military use. If you plan on using your flashlight for regular and/or personal use, the one recommended is the ‘Home’ model. The’Tactical’version is intended for professional and military use.

Evatac Taclite General

How Does Evatac Taclite Work?

The reason that these survival tools are designed for professional and military use is because they are made of much better materials. They are also more durable than standard flashlights, making them better choices for disaster relief or for use in war. Most high quality avatar tactical flashlights will have metal casing, which provides extra protection from metal cutting knives. These can also come with a leather pouch, which allows the light to be taken anywhere without worries of it getting jostled around. There is even a carrying case that is water resistant.

One of the best things about the Evatac Tac Lite is its size and design. The Evatac tac Lite comes in three sizes, all of which are designed specifically for a single AA battery. This makes them great for anyone who might need to carry many survival items during a disaster, whether they are going door to door or running from car to car. When it comes to a flashlight, having a smaller flashlight is much better than a large one, mainly due to battery life. The single AA battery in the flashlight will last up to an hour, meaning that it will last longer during a wilderness survival situation.

Another thing that makes the Evatac taclite a good choice is the fact that it comes with a rechargeable battery. While others might consider this a downside, it is important for people who are out camping or other long-distance activities, as it means that their single aa battery will not last too long. In addition to this, the reconditioned batteries in these devices are far easier to use than those in rechargeable devices, meaning that anyone can get more hours of use out of them by using a tactical flashlight like the Evatac tac Lite.

For anyone planning on using their tactical flashlights outside, it is also important that they make sure that it has a bright light and that it stays on during low-light situations. A lot of tactical flashlights have rechargeable batteries and in these they are usually not able to stay on indefinitely. This means that they are only good if you are planning on using them in the early morning or evening, as the lights in these environments tend to be lower. This is something that the Evatac taclite can easily over-deliver on, making it one of the most popular devices among outdoor survival experts.

Specifications of Evatac Taclite


The Q5 measures 3.7 inches x 1 inch x 1, and weighs in 2.3 ounces. It is small enough to fit in your pocket.


This flashlight is made from aircraft-grade aluminum


Only anodized black is available.


It is powered by one AA battery

Moving the Distance

The adjustable zoom on the CREE LED emitter allows for 300 lumens (on high) to be focused up to 1100ft using 5500K cold light.


The flashlight has three modes. There are three modes: high beam, low beam and strobe.

Country of Origin

This flashlight was made in China

Evatac Taclite


  • Compact and light weight
  • Strong pocket clip
  • Common AA battery used
  • Affordable


  • Too much movement in your battery compartment
  • You will need to cycle through all the light modes for each use
Evatac Taclite


The price of the Evatac tac Lite is slightly more expensive than many other rechargeable flashlights, but this is because it is a little more advanced. It has a slightly higher lumen than many of its competitors, meaning that it should be able to give off a significantly brighter beam. This makes it ideal for anything that you might need to see in the dark, such as when you are hiking far from any sources of light. This makes it a much more useful device than many others, which tend to be far less versatile. Another good thing about this flashlight is that it is one of the few that has both a high lumen and a long battery life.

When it comes to durability, the Evatac taclite is probably right up there with some of the better light devices on the market. It has been treated very well so that it will not easily break. It also features a foldaway design, meaning that it can be taken apart and stored easily in a bag, and this is something that many other flashlights do not have. Many models also feature a lithium ion rechargeable battery, which offers great convenience when you are out in the field. Finally, it comes with a carrying case, making it one of the most compact devices on the market.


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